Dr. Anil Sharma MS. FAMS. FIAGES Endo Laparoscopist & Urology Surgeon


Dr. Indu Sharma MBBS. DGO. Gynecologist

Parijat Endolaparoscopic Urology & Maternity Hospital

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Parijat Endolaparoscopic Urology & Maternity Hospital is a state of the art multi specialty hospital conveniently located in Jaipur. It’s the unique combination of best class technology. We are committed to provide world class health and patient care. Parijat Endolaparoscopic Urology & Maternity Hospital has new technology system to provide multi access management control. We have expert and reputed consultants to provide best medical treatment services. Our professional doctor’s team is expert in provide best radiology, infertility, gynecology, laparoscopy treatments.

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24 emergency facilities.

We provide the 24 hours ambulance service and emergency department. This is the round clock service 24 hours which is modern operation treatment and always as 24 pharmacy. When you need urgent medical care then provide the 24 emergency any time.


Sonography is diagnostic medical procedure which is pailess that uses high frequency sound wave to produce blood flow inside the body. This procedure is called a sonogram. This sonography may examine like abdomen, Brest, Cardiac, Vascular, heart, blood vessel. Sonographers take diagnostic medical sonography courses that instruct them on how to create images of structures inside the human body through the use of ultrasound.

Delivery facility

Hospital is bests place birthing centre. During the pregnancy taking care of ahead of time. A birth plan can help a woman communicate her preferences about these issues, and doctors will abide by these as much possible in hospital. There are several benefit like safest option, most advance option and easy excess pain relief.

Piles treatment

There are several treatment like medicine, surgical treatment and non surgical treatment. In medicine can help to relieve the symptoms of piles. Medicine treat by doctor. Surgical treatments for piles are an option if you have severe piles, other haven’t worked. But in non surgical treatment treat like banding, Sclerotherapy, Infra-red coagulation or laser treatment and Bipolar diathermy and direct current electrotherapy treatment.

Surgery by durbeen

Any surgery done by Durbin. Laparoscopic surgery performance of surgical procedure with assistance of video camera and several thin instruments. The surgeon is not able to see directly into the patient without the traditional large incision so that medical department need to camera in operation. The camera transmit an image of the organs inside the abdomen onto television monitor.

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