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Erectile Dysfunctional-Treatment Options

The erectile dysfunctional is a disease in the man, commonly it is called impotence. In this disease a man has erectile dysfunction when his penis did not give an erection during sexual performance and symptoms can also involve reduced sexual desire. The causes of the Erectile Dysfunctional: -

  • Fatigue can be a cause of erectile dysfunctional
  • Stress can be a cause of erectile dysfunctional
  • Can be relationship issues between couple
  • The performance anxiety
  • Drugs and alcohol / tobacco

The patient should take standard treatments like vacuum pumps, pharmaceutical medications, implants and surgery. The many man prefer for the natural treatments. The some natural treatments can improve the patient erectile dysfunctional symptoms.

Male Hormone Supplementation in the aging male

In the male person many physical functions are controlled by hormones and chemical messengers produced by several glands. The testosterone is the male sex hormone, this hormone primarily produced in the man testicles. It is necessary in stimulating the evolution of the male sexual characteristics in boys at puberty. It helps to maintain muscle, bone strength sexual drive and performance.

Peyronie’s disease

The main causes of the peyronie's disease unusual, fibrous lumps to form inside the erectile tissue of the penis. It is also called plaque. Peyronie's disease can cause an erect penis to bend or curve. The several men with the peyronie's disease improved other forms of fibrosis like dupuytrens contracture. In this disease the treatments may include medicines and surgical process.