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BPH-Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

The benign prostatic hyperplasia also known as BPH, the BPH is a common condition founds in the men. In this condition the prostate gland is enlarged and not cancerous of the men. The benign prostatic hyperplasia also called benign prostatic obstruction. Prostate gland enlargement may be cause bothersome urinary symptoms. The flow of the urine may be block cause of prostate gland enlargement. Causes of the blockage can occurs kidney or urinary problems.

Hormone Therapy for prostate Cancer

The hormone therapy used to treatment for prostate cancer. Hormone therapy helpful in the reducing of prostate cancer, which is early come back again. Hormone therapy is also known as androgen suppression or androgen deprivation therapy. The purpose of hormone therapy to reduce the levels of the male hormones, it is called androgens, use to stop affected prostate cancer cell.
There are some treatments for the prostate cancer:

  • Reducing androgen production through the testicles
  • By blocking the action of androgens in the body
  • Block the making of the androgens throughout the body

Prostate Cancer

The prostate cancer is a type of the cancer. Prostate cancer starts in the men's prostate gland. The structure and size of the prostate is similar to a walnut-shaped, it is part of a man's reproductive system. It is located around the urethra; it is a thin tube that carries urine out of the body. Generally the prostate cancer develops slowly and in the first stage remains confined to the prostate gland. Initially it is can’t cause of the serious harm. In the initially stage should takes batter treatments under the specialist of the patient.

Prostate Specific Antigen

The prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a blood test for the men's. The PSA test can detect the early signs of an enlarged prostate. PSA test is a common test for the initial stage, which men worried about the prostate cancer. It is found low amounts in the blood, the many prostate cancers developed slowly. The protest specific antigen can save the life of some men and they can save from unwanted surgeries or radiation treatments. PSA level depends on the age of the men and the health of your prostate.

Prostate Ultrasound and biopsies

The prostate ultrasound and biopsies is a diagnostic process to the men, who has prostate cancer. Prostate ultrasound includes a special device that reflects high frequency sound and to create images that is called sonograms. The ultrasound provides images of the prostate and ultrasound allows the specialist to test the gland for unusually.

  • In the prostate ultrasound a needle passes through the wall of the rectum. This process known as transrectal biopsy, this process is a right way to perform a prostate biopsy.
  • Collect the sample by the tip of the penis: in this process a camera attached with a long thin tube and this thin tube inserted through the urethra of the penis for access the prostate.

Radical Prostatectomy

The radical prostatectomy is a process of the surgery. It is used to removes the prostate gland the cancer contained inside it and also removed seminal vesicles. For the men a radical prostatectomy treatment is an option to remove prostate cancer. The radical prostatectomy is a major surgical procedure. For the surgery should have to enough fit of the patient. The patient should not have any other health problems like heart disease, over weight etc. Types of the surgeries:

  • Retropubic: in this process the specialist uses an incision in the lower abdomen for remove the prostate cancer.
  • Laparoscopic: in this process using five small incisions using lighted, scope and camera.
  • Perineal: in this process using an incision in the skin for removed prostate cancer.

Transurethral Resection of the prostate

The transurethral resection process is a type of the surgery for remove section of the prostate gland by the penis. The transurethral resection of the prostate is not need to external incision. In this process the specialist passes an instrument through the urethra reached to the prostate and this instrument known as resectoscope. The resectoscope is involves a light, valves and electrical loop etc. this is passes through penis and remove tissues from the prostate gland.