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The bedwetting is a common effect in the childhood in many families. Sometimes the bedwetting also called nocturnal enuresis.
Most commonly three years old children stop wetting in daytime and five years old children stop wetting at night. But some children are still wet their bed after five years.
The bedwetting not a fault or laziness, the children don’t have a control on the wetting and they don’t have wake up when their bladders has been full. The most common cause of bedwetting effect that children sleep more heavily they can’t wake up for the urination.

Dysfunctional Elimination in Children

The dysfunctional elimination is disease, in this disease the body waste objects are flushed in the urine and stool of the children. The kidneys are produced of the urine and after that the produced urine carried by a long thin tubes into the bladder, and a long thin tube called the ureters. The urine gathered in the bladder until emptied by its exit, the urethra. When a bladder to be empty, the exit control muscles should be relax completely while the bladder contracts to expel urine. The hard waste and unabsorbed food is eliminated in the stool.

Foreskin Care for boys

End of the penis which is covered by the loose skin, it loose skin is called foreskin. The foreskin care keeps the health of the penis from infection and pain. But these foreskin problems may develop in the boys. The several of these issues go away to the help of prescription medicine. But the best and proper treatment of these issues is foreskin care. The other foreskin problems can be such as accidental injury, these issue need to right treatment.

How to clean a foreskin
  • Slowly pull the foreskin in the back.
  • Never should pull retract forcibly because by the forcing the foreskin can be harmful to the penis. It can be a cause of bleeding and the pain in the skin.
  • Should be keep clean with a soap and water of the foreskin during the bath time.
  • And regularly clean of the foreskin.

Undescended Testicle

An undescended testicle is a testicle, it also known as cryptorchidism. Before the baby birth the testicle that placed up in the abdomen instead of moving down a tube inside the scrotum. It is not an abnormal for a baby boy that especially one who reached soon, for entered the world with one or two undescended testicles. It is a common in the premature babies before the birth that testicles start their descent into the scrotum about 8 weeks.
Symptoms of the undescended testicles are:

  • On the affected side scrotum is empty.
  • The scrotum can be empty from the both sides.
  • When the condition is painless.
  • When urination is not affected.

Vesicoureteral Reflux

Vesicoureteral reflux is the unusual flow of the urine from the bladder to the upper urinary system. The urinary system is the body’s drainage system for the removing wastes and extra water. The urinary tract involves two ureters, two kidneys, one urethra, and one bladder. The kidneys filter out wastes, estra water and making urine, the blood flows by the kidneys. The urine travels down through the two thin tubes, these thin tubes known as ureters and then urine stored in the bladder. After the urination when the bladder empty, the urine flows out of the body by the urethra on the bottom of a bladder.