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Male Infertility

Hormonal Erosion

Hormonal erosion also called cervical erosion. Presents day hormonal erosion test is successful in men’s. The symptoms of low hormones or testosterone can decrease a man’s confidence and self esteem. The men’s feel low energy and tired and they lost interest in sexual activity. The imbalanced testosterone affects men’s and women’s health. Testosterone replacement therapy is among popularity in recent years. The Paaarijaat hospital provides best Testosterone replacement therapy in hospital.

Testicular Scan Biopsy

Testicular scan biopsy surgery removes a piece of tissue from the testicles and examines it under a microscope. Testicular biopsy surgery is important to diagnosing male infertility. It is biopsy analysis, semen quality and sperm quality in a microscope. This test is normally done when the semen analysis suggests that there is abnormal sperm. It’s done with general anesthesia.

Seman Analysis

A Semen Analysis has measures the quantity of semen a men produce and it also sew the quality and health of sperm. Semen analysis test also called sperm count test. When a man our couples have a fertility problem means unable fathering a child than semen analysis test produced. Normally three major factors of sperm health.

  • Number of sperm
  • Mobility of sperm
  • Shape of sperm